Relationships with shareholders

The Company believed it to be in its own specific interest – besides being its duty to the market – to establish a continuous dialogue with the majority of its shareholders, as well as with institutional investors, from the time of its listing on the stock market based on the reciprocal understanding of their respective roles. This relationship must in any case be impedicarried out with respect to the “Procedure for the publication of price-sensitive information” described in section 6 above.
It was considered that this relationship with the majority of shareholders and institutional investors could be facilitated via the constitution of dedicated corporate structures, provided with the suitable personnel and organisational resources.
For this purpose, an Investor Relations Department was established to take care of relations with the majority of shareholders and institutional investors, and possibly carry out specific tasks in the management of price-sensitive information and in relations with Consob and Borsa Italiana S.p.A..
At the time of going to press, Simone Montanari was Investor Relations manager. This department can be contacted at: The Investor Relations reporting activities is also ensured by making available the most significant company documentation in a timely and on-going basis on the Company website under the Investor Relations section.
In particular, investors may view all press releases to the market, interim financial data approved by competent company boards (annual financial statements, half-year Financial Report, interim reports on operations), and documents distributed during meetings with professional investors, analysts and the financial community in Italian or English on the Internet site.
Moreover, the Issuer’s website contains the Articles of Association, the documents prepared for Shareholders’ Meetings, Internal Dealing communications, the Annual Report on the Corporate Governance System, and any other document that the Issuer is required to publish on its website by regulations in force.

To update the market in a timely fashion, the Company has set up an e-mail alert service that allows subject matter released on the web site to be received in real time.